Episode of the day: "The Birth of Instagram and Tunisia’s Jihadis"

Listen to “The Birth of Instagram and Tunisia’s Jihadis”

Podcast: The New Yorker Radio Hour (Episode 23)

“Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger talks about how Instagram took over the world; the New Yorker’s cartoon editor, Bob Mankoff, shares his three favorite jokes; and George Packer reports from Tunisia, the birthpalce of the Arab Spring, where democratic governance has led to an upsurge in jihadism.”

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Mike Krieger’s Instagram

Mike Krieger in The Financial Times

To understand more about young males who join terrorist groups we highly recommend listening to an episode published here before entitled “Terrorism” from Hidden Brain.

‘Selfie-effacing’: Mike Krieger’s own image is rarely posted on the service he founded with Kevin Systrom and then sold to Facebook
Mike Krieger