Episode of the day: “How to Parent Like a Clown”

Listen to “How to Parent Like a Clown” (38:27)

Podcast: The Longest Shortest Time (Episode 83)

This was an unexpectedly great episode! Parenting techniques from a clown. What a great show and what a great dad!

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Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program website

Image: from Vladimir Zuniga for Clipart


Episode of the day: “Terry Gross on Not Having Kids”

Listen to “Terry Gross on Not Having Kids”

Podcast: The Longest Shortest Time (Episode 79)

I was so looking forward to this episode. Terry Gross conducts her interviews so masterfully and we have all been listening to her for so many years. I was so glad to know a little bit more about her personal life. I admire women who make a conscious decision to not have children. Those are women that know themselves very well and make decisions accordingly.

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Terry Gross in Fresh Air

File:Terry Gross.jpg
Terry Gross. (Image: Scott Finsthwait) 

Episode of the day: "Accidental Gay Parents"

“Accidental Gay Parents”

Podcast: The Longest Shortest Time (Episode 60)

“This is this story of a couple of twenty-somethings going to court against family to become the legal guardians of two children in desperate need of a safe home. (Hint: extra hard when you are gay.) This is also a super romantic love story. Side note: Trystan is trans, which adds a whole other interesting element to the episode.”

This is an episode from last year that I had saved. A moving and extraordinary expression of parenting. Just wish for a more tolerant world!

Listen to “Accidental Gay Parents”

More information:

It’s Conceivable

Trystan and John's wedding

It's Conceivable