Episode of the day: “Mariya”

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Podcast: The Heart

The testimony of a very brave woman who survived female genital mutilation and her unconventional path through life. It’s important to speak up and speak out to raise awareness. This atrocity must stop.

Podcast summary: “Based on the 2015 essay from The Big Roundtable, writer Mariya Karimjee takes us on a journey from her childhood in Pakistan, to her adolescence in Texas, through college, all the way to where she is now, back in Pakistan as she navigates family, love, her body and her personal relationships, all despite the physical and emotional trauma that she has suffered.”

More information:

Damage – Essay by Mariya Karimjee from The Big Roundtable

Female genital mutilation fact sheet by the World Health Organization

Mariya Karimjee
Mariya Karimjee. (Image: from Tweeter)
FGM Genitalverstümmlung Karte Verbreitung
Map on the prevalence of FGM. (Image: Women Stats Project)