Episode of the day: “Secrets”

Listen to “Secrets” (15:44)

Podcast: Storycorps

Great episode about secrets that are kept to protect relationships and to protect the ones closer to us. Or to protect others from ourselves, or ourselves from our story… You choose!

More information:

Barbara Amaya website

Barbara Amaya’s book “Nobody’s Girl” on Amazon

Barbara Amaya’s book cover. (Image: from Amazon.com)


Episode of the day: “Mom”

Listen to “Mom”

Podcast: Storycorps (Episode 426)

There has been a few episode this week dedicated to mother’s day, but this one was exceptionally heart-warming.

A single mother with a lower IQ but that obviously did an incredible job raising her daughter. The emotional structure and intelligence of this mother surpassed the abilities of many perceived-as-normal mothers. It’s impossible not love you Bonnie Brown!

More information:

“Forced to Give Up Their Babies” article on People.com

Mãe e bebê