Episode of the day: “Unforgiven”

Listen to “Unforgiven” (52:31)

Podcast: Snap Judgment (Episode 612)

Forgive the unforgivable is not a weakness, it is an act of strength. When forgiving seems difficult, examine your own emotional process. Forgiving is helping yourself. Helping yourself from developing feelings that slowly destroy your humanness.

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Silent twins article in the Dailymail

“Silent Twins” book on Amazon


Silent Twins book cover. (Image: from Amazon.com)

Episode of the day: “To the Brink”

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Podcast: Snap Judgment (Episode 611)

Snap Judgment is always a good idea. In this episode, two fascinating true stories and one fictional story.

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“This is a True Story” documentary by Paul Berczeller. Worth watching.

Article “Death in the Snow” in The Guardian.

Article “How a hunger strike affects the human body” in the Huffington Post.

“Hunger strike reflections” video by Laurence McKeown.

A scene from This is a True story. Officer Jessie Heliman actually spoke with the real Takako before she died
A scene from “This is a True Story”. (Image: Paul Berczeller) 


Episode of the day: “The Storyteller”

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Podcast: Snap Judgement

I’m a big “Snaper” and here is a fantastic episode with a few incredible stories by amazing storytellers: Rebecca Hertz, Jeff Greenwald, Roman Mars (from 99% Invisible) , and Glynn Washington himself.

I use to be a big fan of The Sims, but never played the online version, just because, meanwhile, organic life took over! A simulated digital world can be so emotionally comfortable and reliable. The sudden end of it can be tragic.

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Jeff Greenwald website

A life well wasted website

EA Land shutdown on YouTube

Video game preservation with Henry Lowood in the Library of Congress.



Episode of the day: "Proof"

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Podcast: Snap Judgement (Episode 606)

Three great stories. Even though I’m not a great fan of fictional stories on podcasts, really enjoyed The One About the Dead Dog. We all know someone who has the most unbelievable stories about themselves and make us wonder if there is truth in all that…

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Eddie Lowery on the Innocence Project

Eddie Lowery on After Hours

The Kroger’s on the BBC News

The Kroger’s in The New York Times

Morris and Lona Kroger after their release from jail

Episode of the day: "Simpatico"


Podcast: Snap Judgement (Episode 605)

Very nice and entertaining set of stories. I especially enjoyed the second and third stories.

Second story – “When the two greatest auction houses in the world – Christies and Sothebys — vied for the privilege of auctioning off $20 million worth of art in 2004, little did they know that they would be forced to engage in an ancient form of ritualized combat known as…rock paper scissors.”
Third story – “Dawn always felt disconnected from the rest of the world. Her undiagnosed Autism prevented her from understanding her surroundings without a protective barrier…until she found another creature like her, behind a barrier.”

I just love life stories of people like Dawn’s.

Listen to “Simpatico”

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Nicholas Maclean, Christie's international director, impressionist and modern art gestures next to a work by French artist Henri Matisse 'Les Marguerites' as part of a press preview by Christie's 'Impressionist and Modern Art' exhibition at a hotel in Hong Kong, 04 October 2005. The 'Les Marguerites' is estimated to be worth 78 to 117 million Hong Kong dollars (10-15 million USD). Exceptional array of paintings to be offered at Christie's New York on 01 November 2005 include the works by some of the greatest 'Impressionist and modern masters Claude Monet, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Alfred Sisley. AFP PHOTO/TED ALJIBE