Episode of the day: "The Gun That Wouldn’t Shoot"

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Podcast: Planet Money (Episode 694)

“Imagine a safer kind of gun. Imagine a company with a plan to build it. Imagine customers ready to buy it. Imagine what could go wrong. A whole lot.”

By itself or even as a transition to more strict gun laws, sounds like a great idea! But is it really?

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Donald Zhilka on Newsweek

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Smart gun (Image: Joerg Koch, AFP/Getty Images)

Episode of the day: "The Return of the Colonel"

“The Return of the Colonel”

Podcast: Planet Money (Episode 684)

“We think of franchises as corporate behemoths: Tons of identical stores all selling the same thing. But actually, each store is run kind of like a small business—and the franchise owners don’t always get along with corporate headquarters. In this episode, we look at the secret war going on inside every franchise. It all goes back to a guy with a white beard and a black string tie: Colonel Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

Listen to “The Return of the Colonel”

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Colonel Sanders


Harland Sanders.jpg

Customers were left hungry and unhappy after Oprah Winfrey's endorsed coupon campaign overwhelmed KFC.