Episode of the day: “Too Ornery to Die”

Listen to “Too Ornery to Die” (29:00)

Podcast: Only Human

A look into cystic fibrosis and the politics and economics of finding a treatment for rare genetic disorders. The price of drugs and how the US is subsidizing the rest of the world.

More information:

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website

Article in the Boston Globe “Doctors challenge Vertex over high price of cystic fibrosis drug”

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Episode of the day: “How a Prenatal Test is Transforming Human Medicine”

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Podcast: Only Human

I’ve always wondered about the history behind the Harmony prenatal test. This episode provided great insight. But the question remains… Where should the eugenic line be drawn?

More information:

Interesting article “Screening for disability: a eugenic pursuit?” in the Journal of Medical Ethics

Ariosa Diagnostics that perform prenatal tests

Ariosa acquired by Roche Media Release

Eugenics Congress Logo, 1921

Episode of the day: “Doctor Stories: The Patient I’ll Never Forget”

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Podcast: Only Human

Episode description from Only Human”Doctors listen to stories of patients all the time. This week, we give them the mic to hear about patients who left a lasting impression on their lives.”

More information:

Read this interesting article on the brain-gut connection “Meet Your Second brain: The Gut” in Mindful.

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Episode of the day: "Real Doctors, Fake Medicine?"

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Podcast: Only Human

“What actually makes you feel better when you go to the doctor? We explore the power of a placebo – the most misunderstood ‘medicine’ of all.”

The placebo effect, explained.

More information:

Article in the New York Times

Article on Ted Kaptchuk in Harvard Magazine

The experimental trial

David Kallmes
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Ted Kaptchuk
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Episode of the day: "A Doctor’s Love Affair with Vicodin"

“A Doctor’s Love Affair with Vicodin”

Podcast: Only Human

Have you ever struggled with addiction? Why is it that painkiller addiction has increased so much. Do we need to tackle availability of these medications or something deeper in the social framework?

“Peter Grinspoon spent years addicted to painkillers – as a successful physician who also prescribed them. He kept his addiction secret and often shared pills with his patients, until he was caught. In this episode, the author of “Free Refills” talks about his lifelong infatuation with drugs, and his eventual recovery”

Listen to “A Doctor’s Love Affair with Vicodin”

More information:

Free Refills on Amazon

New York Post

Episode of the day: "One Doctor’s Mission: Safe Abortions in the South"

“One Doctor’s Mission: Safe Abortions in the South”

Podcast: Only Human

Great listen for both pro-choice and pro-life supporters. A superior man that changed his opinion about a very sensitive topic. Ahhh, the controversial issues…

“Dr. Willie Parker, a devout Christian, refused to perform abortions early in his career. Now he travels across conservative states like Alabama and Mississippi, amid threats and criticism, providing safe abortions for women. Parker talks about the Martin Luther King Jr. speech that changed his mind and his work.”

Listen to “One Doctor’s Mission: Safe Abortions in the South”

More information:

The Last Clinic

The New York Times

willie parker