Episode of the day: "Lonely Hearts"

“Lonely Hearts”

Podcast: Hidden Brain (Episode 7)

An episode from the archives. An unbelievable true story that makes you wonder – what is love?

“Jesse always wanted to fall in love. So when the perfect woman started writing him letter, it seemed to good to be true. Becasue it was. This is the story about a con – with a twist. When the con was exposed, its victims defended the con artist. They still wanted to believe the lie”

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Episode of the day: "The Paradox of Forgiveness"

“The Paradox of Forgiveness”

Podcast: Hidden Brain (Episode 18)

Forgive: stop feeling angry or resentful towards (someone) for an offence, flaw, or mistake.  But this is a story not only about forgiveness but about becoming a superior human being.

“After more than a decade of brutal civil war, perpetrators and victims attempted to find peace around bonfires across Sierra Leone. This week on Hidden Brain, a story about forgiving the unforgivable, and the cost of reconciliation.”

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Fambul Tok

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