Episode of the day: “Is Yellowstone National Park In Danger Of Being ‘Loved To Death’?”

Listen to “Is Yellowstone National Park In Danger Of Being ‘Loved To Death’?”

Podcast: Fresh Air

“Each year, Yellowstone attracts millions of visitors and provides a home to countless animal species, including the once-threatened grizzly bear and bison. But finding the right balance between tourism and preservation can be tricky.”

A very interesting interview with David Quammen about the history and the challenges that Yellowstone National Park faces.

More information:

David Quammen’s article  in National Geographic

David Quammen’s website

Report on Lance Crosby’s death by a grizzly bear from the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Iain Douglas-Hamilton project – Save The Elephants

Grizzly bear damage to “bear proof” garbage cans, 1970. (Image: Canter)
Bison crossing Gardner River at Chinese Garden, 2004. (Image: Jim Peaco)

Episode of the day: “Comic W. Kamau Bell”

Listen to “Comic W. Kamau Bell”

Podcast: Fresh Air

Comedian W. Kamau Bell on his new CNN docu-series “United Shades of America” where he explores various groups and subcultures.

W. Kamau Bell (Image: George Kelly)
CNN United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell Ep. 101 - The New KKK Production Unit Stills
Meeting with a local KKK member (image: CNN)

More information:

More on Thomas Robb. Really not tolerable.

W. Kamau Bell website

W. Kamau Bell in This American Life about a racial prejudice incident he was involved in.