Episode of the day: “We Found Joy”

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Podcast: Embedded

This is a great follow-up of the previous Episode of the day: “The House”. Congratulations to Joy for being able to grab that luck and use it at her advantage.

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“In Prince’s Age Group, Risk Of Opioid Overdose Climbs” on NPR

Hydromorphone 4 mg. (Image: Drugs.com)

Episode of the day: “The Immigrant”

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Podcast: Embedded

This individual was brought to the US as a child. He’s now married and has 3 children. His offense was possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. Although the “intent to distribute” part is not very clear. He was sentenced to prison and is now going to be deported. It seems to me that the spirit of the law was clearly violated.

This episode also raised my interest on the topics of private prison companies and high incarceration rates in the US. Would they be connected? Hoping to hear an episode on this issue soon!

More information:

Correction Corporation of America website

“Barack Obama, deporter-in-chief” article on The Economist

“Yes, U.S. locks people up at a higher rate than any other country” article on the Washington Post

Image: from Pixabay

Episode of the day: "The House"

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Podcast: Embedded

“Inside A Small Brick House At The Heart Of Indiana’s Opioid Crisis.” This is the first episode of NPR’s latest podcast “Embedded”.

Very interesting and relevant story. Free clean needles should be provided to everyone to stop the spreading of HIV.

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The drug Opana

Opana drug abuse article in Reuters

(image: drugs.com)