Episode of the day: “Wedding Drama, Part 1: Great Expectations”

Listen to Wedding Drama, Part 1: Great Expectations (37:34)

Podcast: Dear Sugar Radio

Even when the topic sounds mundane, I always enjoy listening to the Sugars opinions and perspectives. Listening to this episode, I find fascinating how parents and parents-in-law like to make their sons and daughters weddings about themselves. I wonder what happened during their generation. Were they deprived somehow of the wedding of their dreams?

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“Dealing with Wedding Drama” in The Huffington Post

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Episode of the day: “When Politics is Personal: Friends & Family”

Listen to “When Politics is Personal: Friends & Family” (41:19)

Podcast: Dear Sugar Radio

Podcasts’ summary: “Sugars look at how politics can get in between our relationships with friends and family—whether it be our parents voting for a candidate we despise, or our friends sharing views we find abhorrent on social media. And sometimes political divisions can actually sever these important relationships.”

I just saved a bunch of money on Christmas presents by discussing my political views on Facebook. #ecards:

Episode of the day: “The Irrational Jealousy of Lovers and Friends”

Listen to “The Irrational Jealousy of Lovers and Friends”

Podcast: Dear Sugar Radio

“The Sugars take on jealousy — the fiery, irrational kind we feel toward our lovers and friends. They read a letter from a woman struggling with her competitive instincts toward an attractive new friend of hers, and from a man having trouble with his wife’s close friendship with an old lover.”

This episode brings great stories and great advice! The stories that are presented here are from seemingly pretty reasonable people. There is however, a more irrational, dark and blinding side to the demon called jealousy that it would be interesting to cover. Maybe next time Sugars!

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“The End of the Story”  by Lydia Davis on Amazon

Cover of Lydia Davis’ book