Episode of the day: “The Editor”

Listen to “The Editor” (27:37)

Podcast: Criminal (Episode 49)

Bear with the first few minutes of grotesque violence. This turns out to be an incredible story about self-development, human relations and generosity.

More information:

Article about Robin Woods in the The New Yorker

Woods’ first letter to Stevens. (Image: from The New Yorker)

Episode of the day: “Tiger”

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Podcast: Criminal (Episode 46)

Outrage – A tiger in captivity in a truck stop! However… it’s never that simple. In relation to a similar topic and controversy, I highly recommend listening to an outstanding podcast episode by Radiolab, called “The Rhino Hunter”

More information:

Tiger Truck Stop website

Michael Sandlin and Tony the Tiger. (Image: freetonythetigercampaign.wordpress.com)

Episode of the day: "Either/Or"

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Podcast: Criminal (Episode 39)

“In 1983, three men were prepared to plead guilty to a violent sexual assault in Anderson, South Carolina. Defense attorneys did not want their clients to go before a jury, and arranged a plea deal. This left the sentencing in the hands of the judge, who gave the assailants a very controversial choice.”

30 years in prison or surgical castration.

More information:

1983 Article in the The New York Times

Michael Braxton’s new prison term in the Independent Mail

Episode of the day: "Jolly Jane"

“Jolly Jane”

Podcast: Criminal (Episode 38)

“Jane Toppan was born in Massachusetts in 1857. She attended the Cambridge Nursing School, and established a successful private nursing career in Boston. Said to be cheerful, funny and excellent with her patients, nothing about “Jolly Jane” suggested she could be the most notorious woman poisoner of modern times.”

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More information:

Jane Toppan on Wikipedia

Jane Toppan on Murderpedia

Episode of the day: "Perfect Specimen"

“Perfect Specimen”

Podcast: Criminal (Episode 36)

Great story on the attempted murder of a tree! Sure I was skeptical before listening to it. But it was a fascinating episode and I truly enjoyed it. My advise: don’t let the topic deter you!

“The 500-year-old Treaty Oak in Austin, Texas was once called “the most perfect specimen of a North American tree.” But in 1989, Austin’s city forester realized that the Treaty Oak didn’t look so good, and began to wonder whether someone had intentionally tried to kill it.”

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Treaty Oak

Ross Perot