Episode of the day: “Tiger”

Listen to “Tiger” (19:44)

Podcast: Criminal (Episode 46)

Outrage – A tiger in captivity in a truck stop! However… it’s never that simple. In relation to a similar topic and controversy, I highly recommend listening to an outstanding podcast episode by Radiolab, called “The Rhino Hunter”

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Tiger Truck Stop website

Michael Sandlin and Tony the Tiger. (Image: freetonythetigercampaign.wordpress.com)

Episode of the day: “The Problem with the Solution”

Listen to “The Problem with the Solution” (59:30)

Podcast: Invisibilia

A great insight and perspective on how to deal with (so called) mentally-ill patients.  This is a fantastic episode for those who always try to come up with solutions to problems. Sometimes a problem is in the eye of the beholder.

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Psychiatric Care in Geel

“Psychiatric community care: Belgian town sets gold standard” on CBC News

Dis (left) and Luc live with a foster family in the obscure Flemish town of Geel in Belgium. Luc is 48 and suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Dis is 89,  no one even labels his psychiatric disorder.
Dis and Luc, 2014. (Image: Gary Porter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)



Episode of the day: “Tell Me I’m Fat”

Listen to “Tell Me I’m Fat” (1:10:32)

Podcast: This American Life (Episode 589)

Great listen for fat and non-fat people. Most of the reflections here apply to an array of natural fragilities of being human and of personal connections.

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Elna Baker website

Roxane Gay website

Jesus. (Painting by Fernando Botero)