Episode of the day: “Separation Anxiety”

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Podcast: 99% Invisible (Episode 213)

This is an episode about separating your garbage into the various categories: plastic, paper, glass, compost, etc. Do you do it at home? Or someone does it for you? Waste sorting and management should definitely start at home. It’s only a matter of creating the habit and a system that works in your household.

More information:

Interesting and short video on How a sorting machine works.

The article “Those Wasteful Europeans” in The Atlantic is great! The idea that Americans produce the most waste per capita seems to be an old one.

Image: From urbanieri.com

Episode of the day: “Press Play”

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Podcast: TED Radio Hour

Website summary: “In this episode, TED speakers describe how all forms of amusement — from tossing a ball to video games — can make us smarter, saner and more collaborative.”

More information:

Improv Everywehere website

Charles Whitman on Wikipedia

Burning Man  website

Image: Burning Man Icon

Episode of the day: “Bruce Friedrich on how technology will reduce animal suffering”

Listen to “Bruce Friedrich on how technology will reduce animal suffering”

Podcast: The Ezra Klein Show

I really enjoyed this show. This was a very interesting perspective on the topic. However, some statements seem to be a little extreme and adorned for shocking purposes. Modern broiler strains have been selected for high growth, but comparing growth rates of different animal species can be a biased exercise. How about sustainable farming to protect biodiversity such as indigenous breeds of farm animals that in some cases are in danger of extinction? I always like to find the balance… Also, plant based milks have been important to target people that are lactose intolerant but that was not mentioned in the show. Nevertheless, a great episode!

More information:

PETA website

Bruce Friedrich on Wikipedia

An indigenous breed of chicken


Episode of the day: “Decoders”

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Podcast: Reply All (Episode 62)

Another view on ISIS

Summary from the podcast: “Reporter Rukmini Callimachi is always looking for new ways to eavesdrop on ISIS operatives online. Recently, she got a new look into how ISIS members might be using the internet to coordinate their attacks.”

More information:

Rukimini Callimachi in The New York Times

Runa Sandvik in Forbes

More about TrueCrypt on Wikipedia

Rukmini Callimachi (Image: Rebecca Blackwell / Associated Press)

Episode of the day: “The Storyteller”

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Podcast: Snap Judgement

I’m a big “Snaper” and here is a fantastic episode with a few incredible stories by amazing storytellers: Rebecca Hertz, Jeff Greenwald, Roman Mars (from 99% Invisible) , and Glynn Washington himself.

I use to be a big fan of The Sims, but never played the online version, just because, meanwhile, organic life took over! A simulated digital world can be so emotionally comfortable and reliable. The sudden end of it can be tragic.

More information:

Jeff Greenwald website

A life well wasted website

EA Land shutdown on YouTube

Video game preservation with Henry Lowood in the Library of Congress.



Episode of the day: "The Gun That Wouldn’t Shoot"

Listen to “The Gun That Wouldn’t Shoot”

Podcast: Planet Money (Episode 694)

“Imagine a safer kind of gun. Imagine a company with a plan to build it. Imagine customers ready to buy it. Imagine what could go wrong. A whole lot.”

By itself or even as a transition to more strict gun laws, sounds like a great idea! But is it really?

More information:

Donald Zhilka on Newsweek

Read this interesting article on Smart Guns in Fortune Magazine

Smart gun (Image: Joerg Koch, AFP/Getty Images)