Episode of the day: “On the Edge”

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Podcast: Radiolab

The story of a great figure skater who shook the establishment.

From the Radiolab website: “Surya Bonaly was not your typical figure skater. She was black. She was athletic. And she didn’t seem to care about artistry. Her performances – punctuated by triple-triple jumps and other power moves – thrilled audiences around the world. Yet, commentators claimed she couldn’t skate, and judges never gave her the high marks she felt she deserved. But Surya didn’t accept that criticism. Unlike her competitors – ice princesses who hid behind demure smiles – Surya made her feelings known. And, at her final Olympic performance, she attempted one jump that flew in the face of the establishment, and marked her for life as a rebel.”

More information:

Surya Bonaly in the Huffpost Black Voices

Surya Bonaly, 1992 (Image:Uwe Langer)

Episode of the Day: "Sports and Self-Esteem"

“Sports and Self-Esteem”

Podcast: Quiet:The Power of Introverts (Episode 4)

This is a new podcast which I have been following since the first episode mainly because I also consider myself an introvert and therefore I feel a connection with several of these issues. This fourth episode was just wonderful. I especially enjoyed listening to the part about lessons on how to interact with an introverted child.

“Olympic gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White share how their introversion gave them an edge in the competitive sport of ice dancing. Susan Cain also explains why mastering a sport—or any creative pursuit—is a healthy way to build your quiet child’s confidence. You’ll learn how to avoid common traps like fear of failure and perfectionism and gain concrete tips on how to choose the right activity and coach for your children.”

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Learn more about parenting quiet kids

Episode of the day: "The Yin and Yang of Basketball"

“The Yin and Yang of Basketball”

Podcast: 99% Invisible (Episode 199)

This history of basketball. Interesting to sports enthusiasts and to the rest of us!

“In 1891, a physical education teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts invented the game we would come to know as basketball. In setting the height of the baskets, he inadvertently created a design problem that would not be resolved for decades to come.”

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More information:

James Naismith

George Mikan

Episode of the day: "Why Jeb Corliss Jumps Off Cliffs"

“Why Jeb Corliss Jumps Off Cliffs”

Podcast: Death, Sex and Money

Jeb Corliss says he’s “impossible to be in a relationship with.” He’s a professional BASE jumper and wingsuit flier—who’s learned to very carefully analyze and control his emotions, including fear. When talking about relationships he says “…feelings and emotions are really interesting because a lot of people put a lot of value on them. Not realizing that they’re not real, that they’re just you, your biology, trying to convince you to do things…”.

While listening to the episode I found difficult not to love this guy, as he is so raw, so true to himself.

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Jeb Corliss