Episode of the day: “How to Be Tim Ferriss”

Listen to “How to Be Tim Ferriss” (41:28)

Podcast: Freakonomics

It’s a podcast bacchanal – A podcast giant interviewing another podcast giant. What a great interview. Tim Ferriss is an amazing person who seems to defy a lot of the fragilities of being a human.

More information:

Tim Ferriss’ fourhourworkweek website

File:Timothy Ferriss.jpg
Tim Ferriss, 2012. (Image: Olivier Ezratty)


Episode of the day: “Krista Tippet – The Mystery and Art of Living”

Listen to “Krista Tippett — The Mystery and Art of Living” (51:00)

Podcast: On Being

The table is turned and the interviewer becomes the interviewee! I always feel calmer listening to Krista’s voice and more so here!  This is a great episode and a very thoughtful and profound contribution on a perspective of what is religion and spirituality.

The idea of “the willingness to be surprised by people who are different from us” is one that should always be a priority in our lives. Although it may be difficult to tolerate what we perceive as intolerance.

More information:

“Where is home?”  Ted Talk by Pico Iyer

Krista Tippett’s book “Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living” on Amazon

Krista Tippett with Pico Iyer. (Image: Grace Kathryn Photography)