Episode of the day: “H-Day”

Listen to “H-Day” (18:53)

Podcast: 99% Invisible (Episode 215)

Left-hand traffic vs right-hand traffic. Why and how to organize a whole country to switch from driving on the left side of the road to the right side… and vice-versa.

More information:

Dagen H on Wikipedia

Left and right-driving countries

H-day. (Image: from 99percentinvisible.org)

Episode of the day: “Majd’s Diary: Two Years in the Life of a Saudi Girl”

Listen to Majd’s Diary: Two Years in the Life of a Saudi Girl  (33:19)

Podcast: Radio Diaries (Episode 49)

Two very important years in the life of a Saudi girl. Amazing how free-minded and true to herself this girl was. She had her dreams and ambitions, that even in the context of her restrictive culture and religion, she was able to pursue gracefully. I wish you the best Majd Abdulghani! Please keep us updated on your life!

More information:

Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia from Wikipedia

Always been fascinated by the low divorced rates of arranged marriages. Here is a popular article about that Why an arranged marriage ‘is more likely to develop into lasting love’ from the Dailymail.

Majd Abdulghani. (Image: from NPR)


Episode of the day: “Separation Anxiety”

Listen to “Separation Anxiety” (18:30)

Podcast: 99% Invisible (Episode 213)

This is an episode about separating your garbage into the various categories: plastic, paper, glass, compost, etc. Do you do it at home? Or someone does it for you? Waste sorting and management should definitely start at home. It’s only a matter of creating the habit and a system that works in your household.

More information:

Interesting and short video on How a sorting machine works.

The article “Those Wasteful Europeans” in The Atlantic is great! The idea that Americans produce the most waste per capita seems to be an old one.

Image: From urbanieri.com

Episode of the day: “Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, Trump’s “Pivot”, Polling Mayhem, and more”

Listen to ‘Meet the Press’ host Chuck Todd, Trump’s “Pivot”, Polling Mayhem, and more (1:26:03)

Podcast: Keepin’it 1600 (Episode 9)

This is a great conversation worth following every minute. Even the off topics are brilliant! Interesting strategies of how Clinton should be dealing with Trump now. Found particularly amusing categorizing Trump as  “flip-floper on steroids” and “old white male prejudice version of Kim Kardashian”. And yes, ultimately, Trump’s election would be just an enormous embarrassment to the United States.

Artwork: Steve Cutts (stevecutts.com)

Episode of the day: “A Heart Outrun”

Listen to “A Heart Outrun” (23:01)

Podcast: Modern Love (Episode 18)

An essay by Gary Presley read by Colin Farrel. “Gary Presley had all but given up on the idea of finding love. But — as the romantics out there know — love can find you when you least expect it. Sometimes, even when you’re resisting it.”

More information:

Gary Presley blog

Gary Presley (Image: from Facebook)