Episode of the day: “The Problem with the Solution”

Listen to “The Problem with the Solution” (59:30)

Podcast: Invisibilia

A great insight and perspective on how to deal with (so called) mentally-ill patients.  This is a fantastic episode for those who always try to come up with solutions to problems. Sometimes a problem is in the eye of the beholder.

More information:

Psychiatric Care in Geel

“Psychiatric community care: Belgian town sets gold standard” on CBC News

Dis (left) and Luc live with a foster family in the obscure Flemish town of Geel in Belgium. Luc is 48 and suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Dis is 89,  no one even labels his psychiatric disorder.
Dis and Luc, 2014. (Image: Gary Porter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)



Episode of the day: “Radio Hour: Pagan Fundraisers, Blue Haired Boy, Autism and Oscar”

Listen to “Radio Hour: Pagan Fundraisers, Blue Haired Boy, Autism and Oscar” (52:33)

Podcast: The Moth

The Moth is always a good idea! Wonderful and fun touching stories. Dame Wilburn was absolutely brilliant!  I was especially moved by the last sentence from the last storyteller Michelle Fecteau: “when you see somebody on the street – maybe they need help, maybe they’re just passing by, people might say they’re crazy, might seem different – please be kind, treat them like they could be your own son”. Let’s all make an effort to not judge and to respect.

Dame Wilburn. (Image: from themoth.org) 


Episode of the day: “Too Ornery to Die”

Listen to “Too Ornery to Die” (29:00)

Podcast: Only Human

A look into cystic fibrosis and the politics and economics of finding a treatment for rare genetic disorders. The price of drugs and how the US is subsidizing the rest of the world.

More information:

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website

Article in the Boston Globe “Doctors challenge Vertex over high price of cystic fibrosis drug”

Polmoni - Lungs by krypt
Image: from Openclipart



Episode of the day: “A Heart Outrun”

Listen to “A Heart Outrun” (23:01)

Podcast: Modern Love (Episode 18)

An essay by Gary Presley read by Colin Farrel. “Gary Presley had all but given up on the idea of finding love. But — as the romantics out there know — love can find you when you least expect it. Sometimes, even when you’re resisting it.”

More information:

Gary Presley blog

Gary Presley (Image: from Facebook)

Episode of the day: “We Found Joy”

Listen to “We Found Joy” (28:32)

Podcast: Embedded

This is a great follow-up of the previous Episode of the day: “The House”. Congratulations to Joy for being able to grab that luck and use it at her advantage.

More information:

“In Prince’s Age Group, Risk Of Opioid Overdose Climbs” on NPR

Hydromorphone 4 mg. (Image: Drugs.com)

Episode of the day: “The Grand Dame of Broad Street”

Listen to “The Grand Dame of Broad Street”

Podcast: 99% Invisible

Important developments in medicine linked to a building! A great and interesting story of both the building and event that started Legionnaires disease.

More information:

Great site on dedicated exclusively to The Historic Bellevue-Stratford

Article in The New York Times

A little more about The American Legion

File:Bellevue-Stratford Hotel letterhead 1916.jpg
Letterhead of the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, 1916. (Image: The Cooper Collection of U.S. Hotel History)


Episode of the day: “How a Prenatal Test is Transforming Human Medicine”

Listen to “How a Prenatal Test is Transforming Human Medicine”

Podcast: Only Human

I’ve always wondered about the history behind the Harmony prenatal test. This episode provided great insight. But the question remains… Where should the eugenic line be drawn?

More information:

Interesting article “Screening for disability: a eugenic pursuit?” in the Journal of Medical Ethics

Ariosa Diagnostics that perform prenatal tests

Ariosa acquired by Roche Media Release

Eugenics Congress Logo, 1921