Episode of the day: “Sex, Relationships and Asian Daters”

Listen to “Sex, Relationships, and Asian Daters” (32:35)

Podcast: The Mash Up Americans (Episode 28)

I was drawn to this episode because author and psychotherapist Esther Perel’s TED Talk is truly amazing. This interview with her is equally interesting.

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Esther Perel. (Image: from ted.com)

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Esther Perel’s TED Talk

Esther Perel’s book “Mating in Captivity” on Amazon.com


Episode of the day: “Secrets”

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Podcast: Storycorps

Great episode about secrets that are kept to protect relationships and to protect the ones closer to us. Or to protect others from ourselves, or ourselves from our story… You choose!

More information:

Barbara Amaya website

Barbara Amaya’s book “Nobody’s Girl” on Amazon

Barbara Amaya’s book cover. (Image: from Amazon.com)


Episode of the day: “4 Kids 0 Sex”

Listen to “4 Kids 0 Sex” (1:08:28)

Podcast: Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People (Episode 10)

What a fantastic story! There’s so much depth to it. What a great guy, father, and husband. My feelings shifted between being convinced his wife had a lover and believing she was simply done being physical with her husband. If she’s open to couples therapy, they should just go ahead and try it on. Try just one session as it could be the catalyst for opening the lines of communication, which is obviously what is lacking here. And wife, one piece of advice…watch the TED talk below and follow the Nike philosophy –  Just do it!

More information:

TED talk on “The sex-starved marriage” by Michele Weiner-Davis

are sexless marriages more common than we think
(Image: iStock / Andrey Popov)