Episode of the day: “The Grand Dame of Broad Street”

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Podcast: 99% Invisible

Important developments in medicine linked to a building! A great and interesting story of both the building and event that started Legionnaires disease.

More information:

Great site on dedicated exclusively to The Historic Bellevue-Stratford

Article in The New York Times

A little more about The American Legion

File:Bellevue-Stratford Hotel letterhead 1916.jpg
Letterhead of the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, 1916. (Image: The Cooper Collection of U.S. Hotel History)


Episode of the day: "Soul City"

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Podcast: 99% Invisible (Episode 207)

A failed project for a city exclusively for African-Americans. Would that really help the racial divide?

As stated in the podcast’s website: “In the late 1960s, a civil rights leader named Floyd B. McKissick, at one time the head of CORE (the Congress on Racial Equality) proposed an idea for a new town.  He would call this town Soul City and it would be a place built for and by black people—a land of black opportunity in rural North Carolina.”

More information:

Interesting article about Soul City in Citylab

File:Soul City entrance.jpg
Sign marking the entrance to Soul City
(image: Tijuana Brass)


Episode of the day: "The Man in the Zoo"

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Podcast: Radio Diaries (Episode 47)


“In 1906, New York’s Bronx Zoo was the largest zoo in the world. More than 800 birds, reptiles and beasts of all kinds. But that year, the zoo introduced a new exhibit that would quickly became its most popular attraction. In the monkey house, right next to an orangutan, there was a man… inside a cage.”

More information:

Article in The Guardian about Ota Benga’s life