Episode of the day: “In Defense of Ignorance”

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Podcast: This American Life (Episode 585)

“Some things in life are better not to know about. And sometimes there can be a benefit to not knowing. In this episode – examples of ignorance truly being bliss, or even being an asset.”

Would you prefer to not know in case you were terminally ill? I think I would.

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“The astonishingly funny story of Mr. McArthur Wheeler” in awesci.com

“Unskilled and unaware of it” in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Dunning-Kruger effect on Wikipedia

“The blessing and curse of the people who never forget” on BBC

lemon juice

Episode of the day: “The Storyteller”

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Podcast: Snap Judgement

I’m a big “Snaper” and here is a fantastic episode with a few incredible stories by amazing storytellers: Rebecca Hertz, Jeff Greenwald, Roman Mars (from 99% Invisible) , and Glynn Washington himself.

I use to be a big fan of The Sims, but never played the online version, just because, meanwhile, organic life took over! A simulated digital world can be so emotionally comfortable and reliable. The sudden end of it can be tragic.

More information:

Jeff Greenwald website

A life well wasted website

EA Land shutdown on YouTube

Video game preservation with Henry Lowood in the Library of Congress.



Episode of the day: "For Your Reconsideration"


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Podcast: This American Life (Episode 584)

I swear that I try to branch out and listen to other podcasts in order to publish a wide variety here. But even though I listen to many podcasts, I choose today yet another This American Life episode!

This episode was absolutely incredible. An interesting story of a bogus social science study. A bit ironic that a new study, however, reveals some of the same findings the retracted study did.

And then, the most amazing story from the podcast “Beautiful Stories by Anonymous People”, which is a new podcast I intend to follow closely. This story makes you think that so often we get trapped in our own inertia despite the opportunities presented around us. We have plans, dreams, ambitions, but inertia takes over and fear prevails. Sometimes we would be better off using Nike’s philosophy and Just Do It!

More information:

Los Angeles LGBT Center

Michael LaCour’s scandal in The New York Times and The New Yorker

Donald Green and Michael LaCour (image from Michael LaCour’s facebook page)

New study “Durably reducing transphobia: A field experiment on door-to-door canvassing” published in Science.

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Episode of the day: "Real Doctors, Fake Medicine?"

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Podcast: Only Human

“What actually makes you feel better when you go to the doctor? We explore the power of a placebo – the most misunderstood ‘medicine’ of all.”

The placebo effect, explained.

More information:

Article in the New York Times

Article on Ted Kaptchuk in Harvard Magazine

The experimental trial

David Kallmes
(image: mayoclinic)
Ted Kaptchuk
(image: tedkaptchuk.com)

Episode of the day: "Proof"

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Podcast: Snap Judgement (Episode 606)

Three great stories. Even though I’m not a great fan of fictional stories on podcasts, really enjoyed The One About the Dead Dog. We all know someone who has the most unbelievable stories about themselves and make us wonder if there is truth in all that…

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Eddie Lowery on the Innocence Project

Eddie Lowery on After Hours

The Kroger’s on the BBC News

The Kroger’s in The New York Times

Morris and Lona Kroger after their release from jail

Episode of the day: "Update: 23 Weeks 6 Days"

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Podcast: Radiolab

Juniper French in the NICU
Juniper French in the NICU
(image: Cherie Diez / Times)

“An update on Juniper French, a tiny baby, born at 23 Weeks and 6 days — roughly halfway to full term. And a whole universe of medical and moral questions.”

I had this episode in my archives and it has been now updated. There is more than simple natural reflexes, there is a transcendental bond cultivated by natural reflexes.

More information:

Roe versus Wade on Wikipedia

Kelley Benham and Tom French on book collaboration

Juniper: the girl who was born too soon on Amazon

Tom French reading to Juniper
(image: Cherie Diez / Times)