Episode of the day: “The Editor”

Listen to “The Editor” (27:37)

Podcast: Criminal (Episode 49)

Bear with the first few minutes of grotesque violence. This turns out to be an incredible story about self-development, human relations and generosity.

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Article about Robin Woods in the The New Yorker

Woods’ first letter to Stevens. (Image: from The New Yorker)

Episode of the day: “Worst Place to be a Woman”

Listen to “Worst Place to be a Woman” (19:27)

Podcast: Strong Opinions Loosely Held

This is yet another shocking story of how dysfunctional the justice system in the US is. This story describes what happened to Michelle Byrom who was wrongfully convicted and on death row for 15 years.

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Interesting article in The Atlantic about this case “Why Does Mississippi Want to Execute Michelle Byrom?”

Mississippi Should Think Twice Before Executing Michelle Byrom
Michelle Byrom. (Image: National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty)

Episode of the day: “Transformers”

Listen to “Transformers” E (34:13)

Podcast: Theory of Everything

Fantastic episode on transgender and gender non-conforming issues. We need to be talking about this more!

I’m glad to be living in this day and age and in a society where gender and sexual issues can at least be brought up and we are *relatively* free to have an opinion. However, I wish for a world where EVERYONE was tolerant to gender issues and sexual preferences, and where straight and LGBT communities coexisted peacefully and had equal rights.

Episode info from the podcast’s website: “Yvette Gonzales tells us a first person story about what its like to be transgender in Prison. Gender theorist B. Preciado tells us about what happens when a person takes testosterone without the intention of transitioning from one gender to another. Plus, Jim Elledge tells us about his biography of Outsider Artist Henry Darger, and why he drew little girls with penises.”

More information:

Article about Yvette Gonzalez by Solitary Watch  Transgender Women in New York State Prisons Face Solitary Confinement and Sexual Assault

“Going Home” documentary about Yvette Gonzalez.

Pharmacopornography: An Interview with Beatriz Preciado in The Paris Review.

“Testo Junkie” by Beatriz Preciado on Amazon

Henry Darger on Wikipedia

Yvette Gonzales says she endured repeated sexual assaults by prison staff while held in isolation.
Yvette Gonzalez. (Image: from Solitary Watch)

Episode of the day:”On the Inside, Part II”

Listen to “On the Inside, Part II” (38:22)

Podcast: Reply All (Episode 65)

I was looking forward to this episode. Still great reporting, but the scope changed a little bit from a story about an interesting character who happens to be an incarcerated blogger to the story of someone who was potentially wrongfully convicted of murder. It’s very important to raise awareness on wrongful convictions. Let’s see where Part III leads us to. Looking forward!

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If you haven’t, listen to Episode of the day: “On the Inside” first.

Article “Grisly Tale Of Barrington Killing” in the Chicago Tribune.

Paul Modrowski
Paul Modrowski. (Image: from Paul Modrowski’s blog)


Episode of the day: “On the Inside”

Listen to “On the Inside” (29:37)

Podcast: Reply All (Episode 64)

There are so many layers to this story! What an incredible episode. Congratulations on this work Sruthi Pinnamaneni! This is the story of a very interesting human being, who happens to be a blogger who is serving a life sentence. And by the way, he’s also autistic, Trump supporter, and atheist (against his mother will!). This story will continue on the next episode of Reply All. Can’t wait.

More information:

Paul Modrowski – On the Inside blog

“Modrowski Guilty in Beheading” article in the Chicago Tribune

More about Sruthi Pinnamaneni

Paul Modrowski
Paul Modrowski (Image: from Paul Modrowski’s blog)