Episode of the day: “The Editor”

Listen to “The Editor” (27:37)

Podcast: Criminal (Episode 49)

Bear with the first few minutes of grotesque violence. This turns out to be an incredible story about self-development, human relations and generosity.

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Article about Robin Woods in the The New Yorker

Woods’ first letter to Stevens. (Image: from The New Yorker)

Episode of the day: “Tiger”

Listen to “Tiger” (19:44)

Podcast: Criminal (Episode 46)

Outrage – A tiger in captivity in a truck stop! However… it’s never that simple. In relation to a similar topic and controversy, I highly recommend listening to an outstanding podcast episode by Radiolab, called “The Rhino Hunter”

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Tiger Truck Stop website

Michael Sandlin and Tony the Tiger. (Image: freetonythetigercampaign.wordpress.com)

Episode of the day: “Happy Ending”

Listen to “Happy Ending” (38:39)

Podcast: StartUp (Season 3, Episode 7)

How the business of dealing drugs and ending up in prison leads to a successful  and *legitimate* entrepreneur. Fascinating story. Looking forward to the second episode.

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Coss Marte’s website

Conbody website

Coss Marte in the ConBody studio.
Coss Marte in the ConBody studio. (Image: Leda Costa)

Episode of the day: “Cruel and Unusual”

Listen to “Cruel and Unusual” (40:00)

Podcast: More Perfect

This is the first episode of ‘More Perfect’ podcast. We seem to find more and more podcasts/episodes about misconducts of justice in the US. Maybe because they have become so obvious to the public eye. When we dig a little deeper , the revelations and facts are even more shocking.

Image: Eric Risberg / Associated Press

Episode of the day: “Unforgiven”

Listen to “Unforgiven” (52:31)

Podcast: Snap Judgment (Episode 612)

Forgive the unforgivable is not a weakness, it is an act of strength. When forgiving seems difficult, examine your own emotional process. Forgiving is helping yourself. Helping yourself from developing feelings that slowly destroy your humanness.

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Kathleen’s website

Robert Davis’ book Cop Out on Amazon

Silent twins article in the Dailymail

“Silent Twins” book on Amazon


Silent Twins book cover. (Image: from Amazon.com)