Episode of the day: “Mind Games 2016”

Listen to “Mind Games 2016” (1:00:05)

Podcast: This American Life (Episode 588)

“Stories of people who try simple mind games on others, and then find themselves in way over their heads.”

More information:

Improv Everywhere website

David Berkeley website

No Pants scene of Improv Everywhere. (Image: improveverywhere.com)

Episode of the day: “How to Parent Like a Clown”

Listen to “How to Parent Like a Clown” (38:27)

Podcast: The Longest Shortest Time (Episode 83)

This was an unexpectedly great episode! Parenting techniques from a clown. What a great show and what a great dad!

More information:

Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program website

Image: from Vladimir Zuniga for Clipart